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What was your education level at the time of your crime spree and do you feel anything in your upbringing would have swayed you from NOT robbing banks? I would rather my children not rob banks for fun.

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FYI what seems to be going on is that the Y is mutant and missing some parts of the "maleness", and the default sex is actually female. The critical factor I believe is conversion of estrogen to testosterone, estrogren being upstream and T is downstream. There are a few genes on the Y that do this. If it doesn't work, then the default sex occurs, in this case female. BUt since she has only 1 X, I imagine there is some issues (this is the limit of my knowledge, not sure what would happen...guessing everything she is saying here, no eggs, etc.)

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Proof that the fasted way to get an expert opinion is to write something incorrect.

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What this person means is if it's single gene 2 alleles and auto recessive, if you have the disease your genetype is aa by definition (A and a being the two gene variants, a being bad, A being good), your husband could be AA or Aa. AA is good and fine. Aa will lead to half of your offspring having the disease. I can't speak to the probability of him being Aa, it's probably extremely low.

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Basically what this means is that the traffic still goes through <evil co> but it's encrypted, until they get to the Sonic network where it is decrypted and sent on its way. Now, can they throttle or whatever, yes they can, but according to this, it would be in violation of their agreement to not throttle their traffic.