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This AMA is poor form

This is exactly why it's getting downvoted. There's no proof of who OP (or whoever's answering the questions) is (Ex: I'm Team Member John Smith, here's a pic as proof I exist), mainly links are being provided with little engagement, and most questions are going unanswered or answered with the aforementioned links/ short replies.

Going through the comments, a lot of people express interest but are wary due to zero proof and little engagement.

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How do you determine where/ how long you'll stay? And is there anything that you were unprepared for or surprised by when you started traveling?

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I apologize if you've answered this: What is the difference between Mormon churches and temples? If you go to one, do you have to go to the other? Is the temple in charge of the church?

Also, do you see Mormonism as part of Christianity? I've come across Mormons with different takes on that.

Edit: I hope your day is going well; Happy Thanksgiving!

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What led you to this story?

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Are there any similarities amongst record breakers or hopefuls? As in money, personalities, characteristics, etc.

Oh, and how do you deal with the global aspect? I'm sure culture clash or similar could arise in your work, such as understanding what an activity is.

Thank you for the AMA!