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I had cockroaches once and my cat took care of them for me.

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He is doing all the up voting, creating an enormous amount of accounts.

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When I was a POG it was great. I had a nice air conditioned office, most of the time. My greatest times were providing support for the infantry guys, maybe yourself? That is what I lived for; making sure you guys didn't have to worry about finances while you were under direct or indirect fire. I loved going out to the fobs/cobs that you guys operated. It gave me a taste of what I wanted to do but I couldn't do due to being colorblind.

I remember hoping I would get interviewed on AFN so I could give my appreciation, not to my family, but to you guys. The pay system doesn't suck, it is acutally a fairly easy operating system. We used a DOS based system for analyzing. We then used a very simple system to make changes. Don't hate me, hate the government for not upgrading their systems. Some finance people didn't give a shit, I on the other hand gave a shit. I treated combat MOS's with more respect. You got my undivided attention, even if you were an E1.

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Using a money order doesn't make sense to me. I have never come across that. We use EFT payments. Someone should have given you better information. As a finance specialist you can make calls to make things happen.

I tried using my background knowledge when I got out but it didn't equate to much. The language barrier was a big issue. The software systems are completely different. I had to use my GI bill to get any real traction. So I suggest going to school while you are in. That is my only regret.

I make no where close to what I was making in the army. The government takes care of you very well. You do have the VA but they can be shitty. I even applied for my old job but got denied. Apparently 23 other veterans applied for the same job. Yet I had 8 years experience, I never did believe that the other person was more qualified than me. I still know the pay system like the back of my hand. I needed no training. Fuck the government, seriously. I was left to fend for myself.

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Well that answers my adblock question, how about when you can skip the ad? Would you get more from me allowing the ad to play out? Do you get money for people clicking on the ads? If so what is stopping you from creating multiple accounts, or having a load of friends clicking on these ads everyday?