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Your films are all wonderfully photographed.

Did you ever have an interest in photography when you were younger? Or you have great taste in DP's?

I've been following Dan Laustsen on Instagram - and his b&w work is great -- any shot at a B&W version of Wick? Logan & Fury Road look so good in B&W.

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Huge fan, Frank. Sorry I missed your AMA. You wrote some of my favorite X-Files and the wife and I loved MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. Can't wait for more.

If you pop back in - I wonder - did you hear the rumor that PKD was going to write more stories set in that universe, but as he researched the 3rd Reich he got to depressed and set it aside. Do you know if any of that writing exists? Again, pilot was great - thanks again and good luck with the series.