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Oh, that's great! I love selling on Bricklink and Brickowl, and I hope you enjoy it too!

I am fortunate enough to have a big garage at my place, so I've always had more space than I needed (well, for now). If not, some people dedicate a room on their house to the store, or rent a place when it gets bigger. If I had a small place, I wouldn't have been able to get the store to where it's now!

As for how I store, I used to use a system where I had cheap boxes (since I had a low budget) that were numbered, and set all my remarks on BL. Now, I've moved to a better system with shelves, and plastic boxes. I can fit more than twice of what I used to have in less than half of the space.

This is how it used to look like: https://imgur.com/a/hg7cJF8

And this is how it looks now! (while parting out a set): https://imgur.com/a/gs70Ymf

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There are mostly two ways. If you actually want to spend time sorting through them and listing them, and after that picking and packing a bunch of orders, go the bricklink way!

However, if you just want to sell them as a lot, I suggest to use ebay or classified ads.

Also, if you want to exchange them, some lego forums such as bricksetforum.com, I believe let members put up for trade whatever they want, and they just trade them for other lego items that they are interested in!

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Yes! I buy them on sale, but I buy the whole box. My service is that I buy them, spend a lot of time classifying and sorting them, and afterwards sell individual parts, so you can buy any part you want, and you don't need to buy the whole set!

That's what you pay for. You save, since you don't need to buy a set, if you only want a few parts, and I make money on that time I spent sorting and picking orders.

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I get most of my parts from buying on sale at retailers like toysrus, amazon, etc. Some of them I buy from ebay, or other sellers, but not many, just when they have some in particular that interest me.

Most of the parts in my store are brand new. I get them from the new sets, and put them straight into Zip loc bags and into my store. Now that I have more free time in the summer, I'm looking to expand my used collection, which is more time consuming, so I bought a few used lots from friends.

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Really?? Please share a picture!! That is amazing!