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Every day, more news content is published than I could read in an entire month if all I did was read/watch that news content. Why should folks prioritize the content that you are connected with?

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a civilian death penalty defense attorney in the Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions.

So, you're acting as a public defender of sorts? How does that even work in the extra-judicial bizarroworld of Gitmo?

How do you deal with the stress and uncertainty on a professional level?

IAAL and do things which, relative to your work, are very low pressure, and yet I am still often very stressed out simply due to the desire to get things right and do the best I can for my client(s). I just can't imagine what it must be like to have such high stakes.

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Thanks very much for participating!

I understand in advance if you cannot respond to some of these questions due to political concerns.

  1. Would removing the income cap on contributions paid to SS be enough to indefinitely postpone the depletion projected the 2033?
  2. In your opinion, how reasonable would it be to replace the Social Security benefit for retirees with a market-based solution as George W. Bush proposed? Is the a way to account for the risk that a retiree might "cash out" during a recession? Or alternatively, is that risk overstated?

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First, forgive my ignorance (I haven't seen the film).

  • When did you recover the art?
  • Was the recovery mostly a legal battle, or mostly a practical one?
  • To the extent it was a legal battle, what law (whose law?!) applied in the effort to recover the art? Were there interesting legal theories, matters of first impression, etc.?

I'm a lawyer, too, for what it's worth. But I don't know anything about art law beyond copyright basics!

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How difficult is it to find legal research resources in this area of law? Are you usually breaking relatively new ground when you file complaints?