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why don't all companies fire high priced talent and just use impersonators that are cheaper?

I wondered the same with the Simpsons.

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Can you imagine him saying "Actually, no. Tom Hanks was a fucking asshole and a terror on the set. He continues to stalk me to this day asking me how my legs grew back. On and on. At first I thought he was joking but I'm honestly concerned about his mental well-being. He also has a thing for kids. And he's a cannibal."

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Holy shit your eyes are bad! Mine are -7.5 and I rarely come across someone whose are worse.

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Yeah - I couldn't care less about Gaga's music unless she's just sitting in front of a piano. I loved her on SNL and Howard Stern.

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I had Lasik 10 months ago. I still have a fair amount of halos in my right eye especially in dark rooms. Also my night vision in general is quite a bit worse than prior to my surgery.

Will it get any better or will this be the best it'll get?

Edit - I'm 38 years old and my vision was around -8 in both eyes.