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You might try exploring the difference between gaming as a hobby and gaming as an addiction, in discussion with your partner. The aim of the discussion wouldn't be to have someone be right or wrong, but to get a sense of each other's understandings of complex issues.

My guess would be that your partner feels like your gaming is getting in the way of something else that she sees as important. Figuring out what that is and how to help everyone get what they need/want to a reasonable degree would be a great approach to the situation.

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Two things:

  1. !wrongmotto

  2. If you were to collaborate with other mental health professionals on stream, what topic areas would you want to look into?

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If they are recording you without your consent, or flirting with you, those are major ethical violations, and that therapist may well be harming clients through their unethical behaviour. I would definitely recommend contacting the regulatory board in your area and talking up the issue with them, to both protect yourself and others who may be seeking them out for help. Many people who seek therapy are in very vulnerable emotional spaces, and a therapist who takes advantage of that vulnerability for their own gain has no business working as a therapist.