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georgestephanopoulos24 karma

Hey Mr. Morey, thanks for the AMA! Actually a rivalrous Spurs fan here, but I've got some questions for you...

  • I know this one will be difficult to answer, but here it goes. You've stock-piled a lot of awesome, young talent the past few years, but were you disappointed to not get Pau or Dwight this summer?

  • Are there any other GMs/Owners you look up to, look to for advice, or just admire in the league?

  • And finally, what do you feel has been your best decision as Rockets GM?

Thanks again for the AMA and your time!!

georgestephanopoulos13 karma

Of course I'm biased but I still find it hard to believe Buford has never won GM of the year.

Like I said before though, I love what you're doing in Houston. The character, talent, and mindset you're building, I think, are excellent. (I don't have that hateful spite for the Rockets like I do for the Mavs, hah.)

The Lowry deal was an excellent choice, he's one of my favorite PGs in the league. If you talk to him again, you should get him to do an AMA on here too.

Thanks for the response!