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Heh, I guess I thought of a second question: whose idea was it to have Topher live in the server room in the Dollhouse? Nobody on screen talks about it, yet it fits so, so very perfectly with the character.

edit: whose, who's, someday I'll get that right on the first pass...

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Hello and thanks for doing an AMA!

One of my favorite scenes in all of Dollhouse is during the first post-apocalyptic episode, in which Topher re-re-realizes that his actions have essentially ended the world. ("Why didn't I think of that?" creepy-ass pause "Did I think of that?")

What kind of headspace did you have to be in to nail that scene so well? What sort of mental gymnastics did you, as an actor, have to perform to become the Broken Topher With Crap Memory? Sort of a vague question, I know, sorry for the stumbling phrasing.

As it is, my gf and I found that we became more interested in "supporting" characters like Victor, Sierra, Adelle, and the moral evolution of Topher, far more than the nominal main characters. Was an awesome job!

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Indeed. Twelve.

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Thank you for responding! I know exactly that scene!

(Dammit, now I want to see a production of Lear with the Dollhouse cast. Lennix was so awesome as Aaron the Moor in the Taymor stage/screen versions of Titus Andronicus that I have a hard time remembering him as anything else!)

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It's one thing to happen to be in DC and attend a breakfast that happens to fall on a morning that you're there. It's something else to be able to say "jeeves, the board wants this law changed, pop down to DC and tell the senator".