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Can you leak us pics of bald celebs? We wont sell them to the tabloids we promise.

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Why can't they go to costa rica, or panama, or South America, or stay in Mexico? All have relatively stable areas where they can escape any violence. Why is the burden always on the US to take in more people? If you haven't noticed we have a lot of problems in the US that we really really need to work on. By focusing our compassion (which is a limited commodity) on outsiders, don't we turn our backs on the people in the US that need it?

With an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants how many more do we need to be burdened with? I understand theirs is a story to tell but often reporters just tell a story to pull at heartstrings to get attention. Why aren't you focusing on the gang violence that is tearing our cities apart, or the massive addiction crisis that we have, or the homeless crisis that we have? That's right, that's old news and difficult problems and it's easier to get attention for some new crisis so we can avert our focus and leave those people behind.

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Then cover it like a journalist and not like an advocate. She is acting like their only hope is to be in the US which is not true at all. I'm an American that has lived in Latin America for a while and I've learned a lot from being here. There are plenty of places completely beautiful and livable here where they can go. I also know people who have gone and worked in the US illegally from here. People go to the US because they know they can game the system. They have contacts up there that tell them what to do and what to say. My taxi driver the other day for example took advantage of the anchor baby law. He took his wife there to have a baby and came back. He said "I saw the opportunity and I took it." This sums up a lot of the situation with the people that go to the US illegally.

I don't blame them for doing it, because they can go there to earn more. But life is completely livable in a lot of places here. Americans need to know the whole story and not just from reporters that want to paint a sad story they can sell.

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No, but she isn't telling the complete story. That it is not necessary for them to go to the US. It's not necessary at all. If I can live in South America relatively comfortably, why can't they? Costa rica is also nice, as well as Panama. People in the US just think that all of Latin America is unlivable. She just wants a tear jerking story that she can sell. So she needs to paint a certain picture which she is doing.

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You don't have to go to a city.