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Is there a way to prevent all these fractured streaming services from turning into a new version of cable?

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he's no longer involved with Netflix and hasn't been in awhile. But I agree.

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Will the band be playing festivals in 2019?

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But imagine that Captain Kirk’s Phaser was available. It worked faster, more reliably, and with more shots than a gun. Most rational people would choose the more reliable weapon that doesn’t kill.

That’s a pretty tall order. But I have a pretty good idea how we get there (I have the luck of seeing what’s happening in R&D and charting the course).

I may not have phrased my question well. I meant the hypothetical situation where we create the more effective non-lethal weapon.

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if the tech exists to create the more attractive non-lethal weapon it'll also exist to create a lethal version. no? have there been any studies done that would suggest the average person would choose a non-lethal option if an equal lethal option were available?