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I wonder if they're using different definitions of "sexual assault". My campus has a very loose definition of sexual assault (for instance, catcalling is included under that heading). I don't know precisely how the military defines sexual assault, but it seems like there is a lot of variance across the board.

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This post definitely got me thinking about therapeutic use, like for people with phobias or something.

Is it possible that this could be taught to detect for phobia-specific stimuli?

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The question I would ask you and your friend is how you feel about giving hateful ideologies like racism a podium to speak from.

The trouble with engaging with this kind of ideology is that you give them a platform to spread their thoughts from. I certainly understand that you won't change anyone's mind just by telling them they're ignorant and wrong, but there also has to be a balance against giving their hate credibility and elevating it to the level of discourse (kind of like how I think it was foolish of Bill Nye to waste his time debating evolution with Ken Ham).

What are your thoughts?