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This has got to be a trick question. Of course I'd be using a trebuchet. I'm not sure what other medieval siege weapon would be capable of such a feat.

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Hahaha. Yes! All the time. When I'm not focusing it is a lot easier to get cold.

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Get cold. Suppress your shiver response. Force your body to come up with a different solution to how to heat itself. Feel the endorphin rush. Be happy.

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You know what, I haven't checked my blood pressure for years, so it's hard for me to answer your question specifically. However, the cold definitely impacts blood pressure, first by raising it due to vasoconstriction as the blood vessels in the extremities contract and shunting blood to the core, and then by lowering it by building up stress tolerance. Cold plunges are a lot like lifting weights for your cardiovascular system.

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I spent about six years living in India and at the time I owned a small Hyundai "santro" which I drove just about everywhere in the country. Driving in India is really different than in America -- you basically play chicken with oncoming traffic if you want to get anywhere. But the speeds are much slower than in the USA. Anyway, when I finally moved back after 6 years in the country, going on American highways terrified me because the speeds were just so much faster. I was always worried that American drivers would play chicken in the same way they do in India and that I would die along with all my passengers. The thought still terrifies me.