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It's called regret. Sometimes, people don't fully grasp the consequences of ther actions untill afterwards.

I'm not saying he wasn't stupid or that he was in his right to kill other people. I'm just saying that it is not impossible that he has changed his mind afterwards. Being in a prison and, most importantly, being responsible for the death of people, and for the suffering of their families, are pretty life-changing experiences.

So I certainly buy that this is something that can be true. Not that it 100% sure, I don't know it, but it is certainly possible.

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If you do decide to have children, they should be fine, and not have any side effects at all. Given that they start the hormones at an early age, and if it does not coexist with other maledies, off course.

I'm not saying you should have childre, off course, it's not for everyone. But if the only reason is you don't want them is your genes, know that in time perhaps your perspective about your condition (now that you get proper treatment) might change.

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I don't know if this is to personal, so feel free to ignore me; but do you think that she knew? Are you able to forgive her for that, or do you think that this is not an issue? And how about all the other people in your family?

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Do you think you one day could forgive him, under certain cercumstances? Or is this completely out of the question?

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So he was a known sex offender? Did your mother know this?

And how do you feel about her now?

Thanks for answering all these questions, by the way. I hope this AMA can be a catharsis for you.