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Do you worry that this outbreak will, at least temporarily, change attitudes towards Chinese people?

Where I live, Toronto, there's already been incidents of racism.

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Do you believe Trump will be successfully impeached? Will this lead to civil war?

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Would you say the first time you dried them off, you "popped your cherry"?

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Some racism. There's been some official statements about it. Our top doctor pleaded with people to stop spreading misinformation and not be racist. But it's the exception and not the norm.

I kept my son home from school on Monday as a precaution as his classmarte had just returned from China and the school didn't have a policy concerning this. Not being racist; just trying to protect my young cihild in rapidly unfolding circumstances. If this virus originated in Alberta and the classmarte was returning from there, I would have done the same.

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Why is it so expensive?