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Mr. Thiel, you're gay. Why do you financially support so many anti-gay GOP politicians?

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Favorite Eagle Rock and Highland Park restaurants & bars?

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What’s "match-3 meets Age of Empires" even mean, anyway?

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Hey Chef, huge fan of all your projects! One question: How come Kogi hasn't been turned into a national chain of trucks/brick n' mortar places?

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Mr. Thiel, are you saying that Ted Cruz is not anti-gay? He took your money, and is now a Senator in great part because of it:


Adjacent bigots have yelled at Cruz for pocketing Thiel's cash, but he has every reason to ignore them: last year, Thiel gave $2 million to Club for Growth, a SuperPAC that in turn poured over $600,000 into Cruz's (successful) senatorial run.