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This is fascinating. I’ve been staring at my pinkies all morning wondering how much they’re curved. I am now wondering if I have this as well. I always assumed I was just a socially awkward, way too tall guy but the batch of symptoms sounds like it could be a fit…

I’m 6’8 and nobody in my immediate family is anywhere near that tall… thank you for sharing this. Did you come across this or were you seeking a different diagnosis?

Edit: some kind person gave me a silver in recognition for being able to reach the top shelf. Thank you!

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How much of these layoffs are opportunistic? I have a theory that a lot of companies were running at false levels and this gives them the opportunity to trim back to a level that is more indicative of their “real” market opportunities or local community support.

Additionally, how low can mortgage rates go and is their any macroeconomic dangers to their continued drop?


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I will definitely bring it up at my next checkup. Don’t think it will change anything, still won’t be riding a roller coaster anytime soon but will be good information to have.