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How much time did you spend with Metallica before playing “one” with them? Were you a fan of their music before working with them?

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Andy. We seem to have two main problems in the US regarding healthcare. 1) insurance cost is too high and prices people out. But a large part of that is because 2) the cost of healthcare is so high. I feel like the ACA only focuses on solving problem 1, and doesn’t do much to solve problem 2. Do you think problem 1 can be solved before problem 2? Or can you inform me of the ways ACA tried to tackle problem 2? Thanks!

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Grew up in Tampa, left for a bit and have been back for the past ten years. Be prepared but do not freak out. Worst case you lose power for a few days. However, more than likely it will be just heavy rain and wind. If you have a propane grill or stovetop, you should be fine. Just boil water to purify it (of course having bottled water is convenient, but again, chances of you needing it is rare). Definitely move any outdoor furniture or heavy objects that are outside your house inside. Have candles and or flashlight and maybe some non perishable food (my house always has rice, canned beans and sardines at any given time anyways). That’s all you need and like I said, more than likely you won’t need it. But definitely secure any heavy objects outside or move them inside. Essentially, If you think you can live with no electricity for a few days, you’re set.

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Did shin Lim get lucky? Or is he just “that good”?