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Goats need unionization!

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I have had quite a few surgeries in the last year or two.
I want you to know that I think you are doing a wonderful job and you are fantastic. I love that you work so hard for us and I will never forget you.

After each of my major surgeries I have bought a stuffed tiger (I collect them and they share the bed with my wife and I - I know I have a problem but it's such a good problem..).
I named each of them after the nurse that helped me to get better.

So we remember you. Sometimes, especially when I am drugged to the roof, I forget to say thank you. But I remember every single one of you. You are close to my heart every day.

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Hopefully your fart will not trigger a hard brexit. Or a hard fart, either

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I am Australian and want to help. On top of the crowdsourcing is there any way I can help?

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You don't??