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Hi Paul,

Thanks for doing this AmA. I wanted to know if I see an animal suffering from a fatal wound ie a deer that has been badly hit by a car and will not survive its wounds, what is the best course of action for this animal? You could call police non emegency to euthanize the animal, but what if it is a squirrel and the police couldn't be bothered to euthanize it or are too busy and will take a long time. How would you go about ending this animals suffering. Thanks!

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Is there any interest of collaborators with researchers from the USDA? I know that the National Pork Board in particular funds a large amount of swine research, including the USDA, and that might hinder possible research development within the USDA.

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Is this technology being used to facilitate new tissue growth for humans?

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Videos showing the abuse animals have to endure such as the ones you have helped make has made me a long time vegan almost 5 years now. Thank you for your work. So I wanted to know most of the workers of these factory farms and such do they fit a certain profile or something? Like ex cons who only find that as a place of employment. Did they same anything about having to treat the animals so poorly? Any obvious psychological damage they endured?