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gb2ab84 karma

do dogs really not know when they have done something wrong while youre out of the house?

for example- i come home, walk in the house, and my dog instantly acts sheepish, avoids eye contact, and just will not greet me like normal. 10 minutes later i find whatever item the dog has shredded and realize why the dog was acting weird when i got home

in the past, i have heard that in that type of scenario, the dog doesnt know they did anything wrong, and you cannot "punish" them for the crime they committed while you were gone. but too many times to count, but very sporadically, that scenario has happened to me. i notice the dogs body language before i notice whatever damage was done.

do you think dogs are able to make the connection of bad behavior and feeling the need to show remorse?

gb2ab29 karma

this makes total sense. thank you. and i dont punish them in anyway because its usually my fault that they got into something. like gingerbread houses...... we have many shame pictures of the dogs posed next to whatever they destroyed

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doesnt matter the tone of voice i use, or my body language- as soon as i say "who made this mess?"---the guilty dog will slink away. that must be my key phrase for them because the guilty dog alternates depending on the crime