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Thanks for the reply. I’ve been invested in Innis & Gunn since I had my first bottle of original. The beer that got me into craft beer! Invested in each round and have happily done so again I somehow missed the acid brewing cartel collab so will need to hunt that one down. Loved the initiative with the Project Ampersand and thought products looked fantastic at the AGM. Just cracked open an old bottle of original I was saving (original original!) so here’s to you and the new brewery! Can’t wait to have a pint with you in the new brewery! Slàinte mhath! 🍻

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Thanks for doing this! It seems from some of the posts on twitter that the overseas markets get some different beers that aren’t available in Scotland. Is there a reason that these wouldn’t be available everywhere? Also do you ever see yourself doing collaborations with other breweries? If so who’s your top pick? Cheers