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I was a medic in Sadr City for April 4th, 2004. 56 casualties, 8 KIA. When they turned the phone back on, I called my parents immediately (I was 19) and told them I was OK. They had no idea what I was talking about. Years later Martha Raddatz released a mostly butchered version of the story in her book "the long road home" but other than that, it received no real coverage.

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Thanks for your service too brother. Just got back from my son's speech therapy and holy upvotes! Thank you to everyone for your support, and I didn't mean to hijack this thread I swear!

As for the book, a buddy of mine wrote one while we were over there, and has a rough cut of a documentary to go with it. He has a degree in film post production and went on many missions with. Handycam strapped to his helmet. It puts gunner palace to shame and really shows the true nature of what happened there.

Unfortunately he suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result from an IED and as such has horrible short term memory problems, so I really don't know if he'll ever publish the book/have his film looked at. I truly hope he does.

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It's about our unit's whole deployment, really. The documentary is amazing but I honestly haven't looked at his writing. Haven't talked to him in a bit, I'll have to hit him up