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I was only asking for the personal opinions of people that are doing so much work towards achieving that goal, but ok.

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Yeah, I've done that a number of times aswell as headless linux servers for rdp (used as a torrentbox/media server).. but I've never really liked it because its not seamless like running a native application. I've really tried many times to adopt a number of different Linux flavours for a number of reasons but its never worked out. As for secure web browsing, I don't really care about my own web security so much, but I do have Tor installed for some things and if my PC ever gets infected, I've vanquished 1000s of viruses/malware over the years for other people so thts not really a concern I have either. I do make a sandbox whenever I know something I'm doing is going to be risky, but that's notoften enough to justify keeping one running 24/7.

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fair enough :)

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Do you honestly believe there will ever be a 'similar level of investment' for Linux that could possibly ever make it a mainstream gaming platform at least equal to windows?

I see many advantages of Linux but can't justify using it because it requires dual-booting because of the lack of support for games and a number of applications (particularly adobe). Especially when my mainboard takes a few minutes to post.

I think that it is very unlikely when you consider that big players like EA and Ubisoft will NEVER get behind a platform/API created by Valve.

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I don't see EA anywhere here.

Also, it doesn't really matter what Dice WANT to do, it only matters what they are PAID to do by EA.