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Yeah sure it was just a prank bro

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yes yes when you label anyone who has the badthink as "Nazis", it happens.

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When it is a woman pretty clearly.

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I'm absolutely not trying to change the subject, I am saying that crime attributed to the 'far right' are often petty, and if you compare per-capita rates, the picture becomes VERY clear very quickly.

Way to not address prison populations or my many images and sources, though. I guess that's 'changing the subject', eh? Kinda odd how 'right wing crime' is the major issue in the country when it's not reflected in prison stats.

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By far the most crimes in Germany which have a political background are right-wing motivated (we're talking about 20.000 crimes with a right wing background vs 3.000 with foreign + religious background combined).

Now do it per capita. Oh wait, you won't. I'll do it for you:



You're a fucking liar by means of omission. The native population has also decreased their crime.