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yes yes when you label anyone who has the badthink as "Nazis", it happens.

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I'm absolutely not trying to change the subject, I am saying that crime attributed to the 'far right' are often petty, and if you compare per-capita rates, the picture becomes VERY clear very quickly.

Way to not address prison populations or my many images and sources, though. I guess that's 'changing the subject', eh? Kinda odd how 'right wing crime' is the major issue in the country when it's not reflected in prison stats.

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By far the most crimes in Germany which have a political background are right-wing motivated (we're talking about 20.000 crimes with a right wing background vs 3.000 with foreign + religious background combined).

Now do it per capita. Oh wait, you won't. I'll do it for you:



You're a fucking liar by means of omission. The native population has also decreased their crime.



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Yeah, can't have anything to do with migrant-driven crime or anything or the fact that the AfD is absolutely booming with support compared to years prior, and it's hugely youth driving it.

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I am well aware. Among everything else, it is HIGHLY likely they began classifying "ausländische" and religous differently based off of the claims of the assailants that it was "against Israel" or against the occupation etc.

But again, your reasoning is obviously motivated, given that you're not addressing 'per capita' or inconvenient facts like how innumerable cities have a majority or above inmates who are 'foreign', this not counting those who are foreign-born but possess a German passport. The proportion of inmates who are Muslim is often over 500% of their constituency.

Do you not think that, given these facts, it is reasonable for people to have a massive backlash against immigration as well as the apologetics of people like yourself telling them that they are just hicks that need to get with the times?