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I have a Premium account and never get weird video suggestions like so many other people complain about. I can even fall asleep and six hours later it's still playing on topic videos. Does YT make an effort to give paying customers better suggestions?

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It is true that driving ten minutes down one of the interstates in the st. Louis area can have you going through six different municipalities.

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You might only be able to answer this if you're in or near St. Charles County. I deliver pizza in St. Charles, but I've been away for around six months but coming back in a few weeks and plan to resume delivering. The whole Ferguson thing was still heating up when I left and didn't seem to really be affecting things in St. Charles. My question is how are things in St. Charles, crime wise, for someone like a food delivery person? I sometimes have to go to Earth City and Riverport as well.

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So true. I actually got a ticket in Cool Valley once, it was either speeding or rolling through a stop, don't remember exactly. I do remember the cop was a big fat dude who waddled up to my window with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and hadn't shaved for a couple of days. Not the kind of image I was used to seeing from the police in the St. Charles area. I worked at gas stations in St. Peter's and O'fallon and they've told me how they can get in huge trouble being seen smoking while in uniform and also not maintaining their appearance with hair and facial hair, etc.

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I'm 35 and I recently beat non-hodgkins lymphoma with bone marrow infiltration. I certainly balled my eyes out a few times, but I hate talking about it with others. People look and act differently around you when you have or just recently beat cancer. I hate the way people are always asking me in a fake, caring tone "How do you feel, feelin' alright?". I just want to punch those people. I'm the one who had cancer and went through the chemo, if I want to talk about, I'll initiate the conversation, please just quite acting like I'm dying or talking to me like I'm 3yo.

Sorry to sound so pissed, but it really bothers me. I'm not mad at the OP or anything, just telling my feelings towards it all.