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garfieldtrunkersin690 karma

I just wanted to thank you Mr. Williams, for being open about those experiences and even incorporating them into your standup. As someone who has dealt with that struggle on a personal and family level, it really does mean a lot.

Looking forward to catching your new show!

garfieldtrunkersin78 karma

As one gratefully sober alcoholic, I thank you for being open about it. The more awesome people like yourself that I, and many others, hear about really does help. I attribute a large part of my early coming to terms with Craig Ferguson's incredible late night talk about his own sobriety.

Also, my whole family loves Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and can't wait for a new season!

garfieldtrunkersin12 karma

This is more of a question directed at Zach, because I've been a SMBC fan for so long:

How do you feel webcomics (and web comedy sketches) have changed the way we consume comedy media? Do you see it changing in the near future?