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I bet he was hungry, then he saw a calf that was loving life with loads of milk. He thought if the calf can grow strong on that why cant I? So he went to suck on the cows teat, got kicked in the head and died. This kept on happening until a particularly clever sort thought, 'I am not going to put my head down there!' So he got a bucket and a 3-legged stool and milked the cow. And through natural selection, that is why dairy farmers are the most intelligentist of all farmers.

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When a cow can no longer get in calf, and therefore will no longer produce milk, she switches career paths from dairy into the beef industry.

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Steak in a restaurant / roast dinner = beef breed

Macdonalds / ready meal= ex dairy cow

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Cows in a herd have a very strict hierarchy. And wont go into the parlour out of order. Also a calf can be up on its feet 10 minutes after birth and be very tricky to catch half an hour after birth! Go prey animals!