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I had never heard of Ankylosing Spondylitis until last year when my son was diagnosed with this condition. He was 22 years old at the time. He had spent several months in severe agony and couldn't even get out of bed to go to the bathroom at one point.

He also suffers with epilepsy and is on a variety of medication for this. Because of this he is somewhat restricted with other medications such as pain relief.

Reading your symptoms and the varying types of pain you suffer is exactly what my son is describing to me on an almost daily basis. Some of the pains don't seem to make sense because of where it is affecting him such as his toes, elbows etc but reading somebody else's experience makes me understand a little more just how debilitating this condition actually is.

We are fortunate to be in the UK and have access to many types of treatment which my son has been offered. He has gone from pain killers and steroids to anti-inflammatory medication. He is currently using a fortnightly injection into his leg which seems to be helping him greatly. I do not even know what the injection is as I have no knowledge of medicine at all. I still do not fully understand the condition after months of reading about it.

I just wanted to share and wish you all the best because after seeing what this illness can do to a person I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. I hope you find a way to get the treatment you need long term and can continue to enjoy life.

My question is, does this condition always continually get worse? We have been told there is no cure but nothing about whether my son will deteriorate over time or continue to manage the condition and have a fairly normal life.