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Are you primarily doing this AMA to drum up advertising for your game?

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Sure it works. We've all seen the Sopranos.

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So, no different at all from Reddit.

Are downvotes going to function as censorship, with unpopular opinions hidden by default (like Reddit)? If so, what's the plan for for making sure unpopular facts don't get suppressed in favor of popular lies?

After all, this is the exact reason you're doing this to begin with. To combat popular lies. Isn't deciding truth by voting just coming full circle, back to the original problem?

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Nothing wrong with it, congrats. I just figured it had to be said since in the past year, AMAs on Reddit went from interesting to commercial.

Not to take away from your accomplishment, but I do kind of miss the old AMAs that used to make it to the front page :(

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You know what the problem with this is? The winners of elections, who are in position to make these changes, are exactly the people least motivated to do them. Because what if a problem is found and the results thrown out?