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Well she was the original.

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Hi Tim! My question is, now that you are developing Psychonauts 2, how do you find a balance between staying faithful to the original vision of Psychonauts, while also creating something new and different? Will Psychonauts 2 focus more on innovation, or will it focus on recreating the magic of the original Psychonauts game?

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Can you explain why you decided on a dynamic type system? I get that it is par for the course among popular scientific computing languages, but is there a reason for this? Are dynamic types somehow a good fit technically for this domain? Do dynamic types appeal to the demographic?

Disclaimer: I'm a Haskell / Standard ML fanboy. Types are comfortable for me, and I don't get how other programmers prefer to push them out of sight. Yet I know a lot of people do prefer the dynamic approach, so I must be missing something.

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They punctured my ear drums and inserted drainage tubes that stayed in for 5 years (for most people that get these inserted they stay in for ~6 months). I can now hear again!

How long was it before you could hear again? Was it immediately after the surgery or did it take some time?

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The end of life part is what gets me... I for one kind of prefer living. In all seriousness though, its not that death is terrible, it is just that life is awesome, and I don't want to see it end. I'm not afraid of what happens after death, I'm just dreading when my life inevitably comes to an end.