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Clyde, thanks for taking the time to do an AMA.

I’m just going to get this right out of the way, and I’m sure what’s on a lot of people’s minds – what happened to Dexter after you left?

The overall consensus is that the final season (as well as seasons 5-7) is a letdown, and I’ve collected some complaints/concerns from the Dexter subreddit:

  • Lazy writing (no computer having a password, no house having a security system. Dexter being able to hack into someone’s computer by using a 2-way spyware program. Harrison’s epic fail fall on the treadmill)

  • Not grounding Dexter (emotionally or otherwise) after the season 4. Elevating him to “superhero” status

  • Formulaic and predictable writing (People called the ending to season 6, two episodes in)

  • Never resolving story arcs that were started (Quinn’s suspicions, Deb “loving” Dexter)

  • Short-lived, pointless story-arcs that had undeserving endings (Sirko’s death in season 7, Louis’s death in season 7)

  • Useless characters (Masuka’s daughter) that don’t belong in a final season.

  • No sense of impending doom or closure for a final season. Writers trying to cram in points/characters they never had a chance to explore (Dexter having a mother figure in Vogel)

  • A general dumbing down of the show (especially characters like Quinn and Batista)

What are your thoughts on the above? How much of Dexter going downhill so fast has to do with switching show runners from you to Chip, and then to Scott? How much say did MCH have, if any? Do you think it was a mistake to give season 2 a “series finale” feeling? Is Showtime to blame at all?