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"Here's two dollars; split it with your brother."

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The most shady is probably Comcast. It's the little things that make them stand out.

For example, if you're a current Comcast customer, if you look at their "prices" page it will show you falsely inflated prices to make you think you're getting a good deal on your package. But if you look at that same window in incognito mode, it'll show you the "new customer" price, which is often at least 30% lower.

They'll also regularly assert that you've signed a contract, or agreed to a contract, and try to charge you an early termination fee for cancelling your service. However, in our experience, when we push them on it they regularly can't provide evidence of any agreement and "waive" the ETF.

I'd say the least shady is Google Fiber. They seem to stick to their word with what they say they'll do and their pricing model is straightforward. Their main downside is that they're not in many markets and have been pretty slow to roll out. Speaking of which, the reason they've been slow to roll out in Nashville is because Comcast sued them to prevent Google from being able to attach Fiber lines to utility poles that Comcast doesn't even own.

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Right now, nothing. Glamorous, I know. We've re-invested every cent we've made back into the business to help it grow.

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God, that's egregious. Stuff like that where they're just CLEARLY in the wrong is where social media is good. Tweet at them (@Ask_Spectrum I think) and one of their social media people will resolve it. If not, just keep badgering them about it and run it up the chain of command until somebody waives it. They definitely will (but it'll require a lot of patience.)

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This actually all started because of them. Originally we were just going haggle Comcast bills.