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next time you're in LA area hit me up. I love a good sub.

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personally? no. I do however correct and say native american is proper. Mainly so i won't be confused for someone from India.

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at first it was alright because it helped spread the name and native american art. Now its just wrong... especially with the native american head dresses. I honestly do not approve and find the head dress wear offensive. and as a music festival goer i want to ripe them off their heads for blocking everyones view.

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ahhh. this is where things get complicated. the navajo use a matriarch clan system. the other day i was in hawaii and met a lady with the same first clan as me. that made her my sister and shes a total stranger.

so growing up on the reservation you aren't allowed to date someone with the same clan... and we have 4 clans. there are also subgroups to these clans. but there are enough people out there and a lot of clans so a navajo with navajo relationship is totally possible... dating is definitely allowed, sometimes forced by our crazy old grandmothers. haha

my mother is navajo and my father is hawaiian. its totally acceptable... in my case my grandmother is constantly trying to hook me up with non-native american girls. its cute and funny... best part about it is im gay and she doesn't know.