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I'm concerned that people will be even less safe as a large subset of drivers will continue to use their phones. They'll just be trying to hide the fact that they're doing it which means they'll be texting in a manner that is less convenient and ultimately makes them a less safe driver. Has this possibility been considered? Have other states with similar laws seen text-related accidents reduced?

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Had my home in Georgia sprayed. The next day there was a ring of dead black widow spiders around my house. The experience basically ruined my yard for me.

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There were large piles of wood not far from the house which made it a good breeding ground for these things. It was still a shock seeing how many had taken up residence around the house.

Later that year while my then-wife was at work, I stepped out of the shower and saw a scorpion on the floor. I'm originally from south Georgia, but was living at north Georgia at the time and had NO idea that scorpions were a thing in Georgia. Not having on shoes, I told the scorpion to wait and let me go fetch a shoe to smash him to oblivion. By the time I came back, he was gone. Only 15 years later did I tell my ex-wife about that. Had I told her then she'd have made me burn the house down.

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Another concern I have is that people will use hands free texting (i.e. speech to text) and communicate in that matter. I assume that's legal, but will my phone be able to communicate that to an officer when I've been pulled over? In other words, will a text that is sent hands free look the same on my phone (in the eyes of the cop) as a text that was sent while holding the phone?

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Favorite. Episode. EVER.