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Hello Julian Assange,

In recent months, there has been some concern to your well-being following the events of the October 17th blackout. Would you please reply with a signed message that includes the contents below?

1) State that you are alive and well, and in no serious harm.

2) The current date and time.

3) Something unique that happened in the news yesterday, January 9th, 2017.

4) This nonce value: 8059e91804efbe266c8e324b52de605f829eca993d4c7020bc8a34db337fabd5

I ask that all Redditors take screenshots and SHA256 sums of this post and Julian's reply, in the perhaps likely event that either of these posts are modified by Reddit admins.

SHA256: 336bc0cd7e841bc87248bda86276ca41e75399cfc63a5d5eed7c3e4f8dce4f03

Edit: Julian has officially skipped my question, claiming along the lines that "the scores are changing too fast". However, this post has remained at the top of this AMA throughout the entire duration. If no signature is created by the end of this AMA, it will be my opinion that Wikileaks is compromised.

Edit 2: Julian is answering a different question (not mine) regarding proof of life. He claims that "setting a precedent is better proof of life than a digital signature" and that it's "quite hard to protect keys". I am starting to suspect that Julian is no longer in control of the Wikileaks private key. Note that he did not provide a signed message.

Edit 3: Julian read off a recent hash of the bitcoin blockchain: https://blockchain.info/block/00000000000000000178374f687728789caa92ecb49b4d850dfc173a7c0351e6

It is likely that Julian is alive. However, failing to digitally sign a message with the Wikileaks private key is of great concern. It is possible that Julian is no longer in control of Wikileaks, provided that he cannot sign a message with the private key.

Edit 4: Julian responded to a child comment on this thread, in which I asked a follow up question: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/5n58sm/i_am_julian_assange_founder_of_wikileaks_ask_me/dc8ycd4?context=1

Edit 5: Julian responded in more detail with two transcripts:



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Thanks for your response.

While it is true that anyone with your private key could provide fake assurance, we are going off the assumption that you are the sole owner of the private key. It is clear from the video AMA that you are (likely) unharmed but I am still unsure about Wikileaks being compromised.

Additionally, there's no drawback to you using the private key to sign a message, or any key for that matter. I don't see how signing a message would imply that you need to change how you secure your private key.

With that said, the only reason I can think of to why you aren't signing any messages anymore, is that you don't own it anymore.

Would you care to please prove me wrong?

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Live video can be faked. The ultimate proof of life, and proof of this AMA, would be for Julian to sign a message using his private key.

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To clarify, me signing a message wouldn't have done anything because my public key isn't floating around reddit. A SHA256 sum works here as well. Please parity this check-sum elsewhere: 336bc0cd7e841bc87248bda86276ca41e75399cfc63a5d5eed7c3e4f8dce4f03


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Here is an explanation of digital signatures and PGP in general. Julian has a key that only he knows. He can sign a message, and we can use the public key (that everyone else knows) to verify that the message was signed using Julian's key.