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Hey man, as an Indian-Canadian guy who was trucked off to Indian boarding school at age four, I really feel for you. I spent three years there and it was the worst, super traumatic experience.

My family moved to Canada when I was 8, and as long as I can remember, what happened to you had been my worst fear. It didn't help that they'd threaten me with it every time my grades weren't up to their expectations. A lot of Indian media also glorifies sending your kid back to India and turning out to be a better person because of it.

Do you think you'll ever get to a place with your dad where you can have a good relationship?

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Fuck man, as an Indian-Canadian seeing Aziz's parents on screen reminded me exactly what it's like talking to my parents. It was creepy, definitely hit my feels.

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Huge fan, Club Meds is phenomenal! How do you like playing in ottawa?