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For people going into professional school, such as medical, dental, law school where loans after getting out of school will be close to $500,000 or more, what advice can you give to reduce these debts, or is there anyway to consolidate the loans to get a better interest rate or to get these loans forgiven?

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Thank you for that sage advice, but I'm already in my second year of professional school and I am going to be around $450,000 in debt due to tuition, and living costs, frugal living costs I may add. I've heard that claiming bankruptcy doesn't effect student loans, but with interest rates of 6.8-9% I don't see myself paying these loans off that fast. I will look into the income based repayment, and even possibly negotiating a lower interest rate by consolidating my loans. Earning while in school isn't the best option because of 8-5 school, clinic, lab, and then studying that comes there after.

Could you clarify the 10 years of public service/non-profit work?

Thank you.

Edit: I'm in dental school.