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I was watching Democracy Now with a former victim of a pedophile priest. He believes that Philly is but one example and that he fully expects there to be 49 more grand juries (one in every state of America) because the problem is that big. Do you think this is true?

The interview: https://www.democracynow.org/2018/8/16/this_church_is_a_criminal_enterprise

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Alright, two questions. Overall, are maori girls hot or like greek women, when they are hot they are very hot and when they're not, they're extremely hideous with moles and unibrows and thick calves? And do they like black guys from america?

ps- Conchords is hilarious and Boy looks like a great movie. Thenk you.

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If the catholic church was a fast food franchise it would've been shuttered faster than... I can't think of an apt metaphor.

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"they smell more like a vagina" It makes sense as you have female hormones but still... whoa.

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The mycelium network... If I were to spread psilocybin spores across the darker, moister regions of the country, the lowlands under trees from Vermont down through the south of miami... would it have an effect on the collective American mind?