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I have Crohn's disease so I know the struggle. My cousin has ulcerative colitis. It kinda sounds shitty to say but sometimes I wish I had ulcerative colitis instead so as a last resort I could be "healed" with surgery. I dealt with depression at the start because I couldn't deal with the fact that I have an incurable disease and I would have to live with it my whole life and you can't do anything about it. Don't get me wrong tho - both diseases are fucked up. Good luck for your future surgeries :) my questions :

Have you ever dealt with depression because of your disease?

When did you get diagnosed? And how long did you try treatments til you decided to do the surgery?

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Okay cool thank you :) and I hope so too !

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Thanks for your answers. I don't know anyone with a disease like that besides my cousin so it's interesting to hear another story. I wasn't diagnosed depressed either just felt really meh. And it felt like nothing made sense anymore. I broke up with my boyfriend at that point too. We've been together for 4 years at that point but he couldn't deal with the disease and wasn't supportive at all. So you had a lot of different meds before too.

What's Cdiff? Never heard of that.

I got diagnosed like 2.5 years ago. Tried all sorts of pills and steroids first. Then humira injections (which helped me a lot) but as soon as I stopped humira the flare up with symptoms came back. So eventually I had budesonide and humira. Then I managed to get off humira. I'm clinically in remission now (no symptoms atm) with budesonide - but colonoscopy showed I still have the same inflammation even tho it's not as bad. So it's budesonide and mesalazine now. I hope the symptoms won't come back and I'll get rid of that inflamed part.

Did you ever try any plant based meds? Like Boswellia?

Do you smoke?