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One thing you don’t list is what an important figure you have been to independent theater for many decades. Your contributions at Steppenwolf and so many other places are very much appreciated. How would you describe the landscape for small and independent American theater these days? And do you have any current projects we should know about?

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For those who don’t know, Gary Sinise isn’t just a great Hollywood character actor, in the 70s he was at the forefront of keeping realism in the American theater scene. Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago is one of the most influential theaters in the last 50 years and most of that is due to him. He is one of our living giants of theater.

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I hear you. We went to China for my 40th birthday and my 4 year old blonde daughter was a huge hit. At first she found it overwhelming but they were so concerned for her happiness they would empty their pockets into her hands for a smile. It took her all of a day and a half to learn how to milk it for all it was worth.

She would see them coming and strike a pose. AWWWW. They gave her candy, money, anything for a reaction. They ran across the street to get a picture of her. I told her whe had always wanted to know what being a princess was like...

When we returned I said it was like touring with David Bowie.

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Everyone does. We’re not just a silent generation. We’re totally fucking invisible.

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You got that right. Growing up in the shadow of narcissists has taught us how to hide.