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Just finished rewatching BB and I didnt actually realise how important your death is to the story. Combos death causes Jesse to seek revenge against the two dealers who had him shot. This brings him into conflict with Gus..Walt gets dragged in, Gale gets poped and the rest is history. But Combos death is really the trigger for everything that happens afterwards. Congrats on being so damn essential to the plot sir!!

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Hey guys, huge fan of the band and looking forward to seeing you in Cork in a few months!!

I've always wanted to know if there's any particular back story to "All The Wine". Always loved that song, the lyrics just beautifully capture the giddy, mischievous feeling of a few drinks. I just really want to know if you have ever ran through the streets carrying a dollhouse

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I always thought he acted in a very militant way in the scene where he finds Jesse in his car after shooting Gale. Just something about the way he held his gun and approached Jesse seemed very well trained, and more of a military style training than a street-style training

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What is it exactly about psychedelics that make them so non-toxic despite having profound effects on brain chemistry? Why can you take such large quanitites of LSD or psilocybin and suffer comparatively little harm than other psychoactive compounds like cocaine?

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It was in the blooper reel of the Season 2 DVD. You may not have seen it