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I'm very excited about Hate Mail! Especially seeing Rhea Seehorn and Paul F Tompkins perform. What has been your favorite or most memorable part so far of prepping for this particular performance?

Also thanks for all you do! I'm a huge fan!

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I watched every episode with my sister and some friends and it's so perfect.

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Thank you for this question. I'm not a published author yet, but I've done enough research on the publishing industry and how new authors tend to do to know that this is always the case. So I'm grateful someone actually living it has commented for any other budding authors reading this.

I've worked hard to cultivate a side career that while I don't necessarily find as fulfilling as writing, is one I don't hate day to day (most days at least). I have personally turned down two opportunities now that offered more money because it would mess up the work life balance I have. But at least I learned early that I'm probably going to need some sort of day job for the rest of my life to fund my writing career. And I'm okay with that. I love writing for the sake of writing and don't need to be making lots of money from it to feel successful. Success shouldn't be defined by money ever when it comes to art. If someone loves writing and hates their job, get a different job and use writing to destress. Don't put your idea of success all on your writing or it might stop being an enjoyable outlet.

I know for a guy like me who is a lot more mentally healthy when I write daily, being able to see my writing as a retreat from the world, not as my do or die, my family needs me to succeed at this, is what makes me happy. I wish this guy well, but man does this AMA stress me out for his family.

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First of all, I'm a huge fan. I discovered you guys after hearing Rivers and Roads during the series finale of Chuck. Your first album was a huge comfort to me during a difficult time in my life, and it remains one of my favorites to this day. I've seen you guys multiple times in Salt Lake City, including a small show Josiah did in Provo, and they have been some of the best shows I've seen. Because of you, I've been introduced to other favorites like Blind Pilot, Blitzen Trapper, Bryan John Appleby, and Hey Marseilles. So needless to say, you've been a huge influence in my life, and I appreciate the comforting sounds of your music in my family's home.

Okay, now down to the question(s). As a screenwriter, I know how random the artistic process can be. The genesis of an idea can come from just about anything, but how it forms into a full and complete idea does have a process. I know for me, this process is different when I'm by myself, than when I'm presenting the idea to my writer's group. So I'm interested to hear more about how this works for you guys musically both from the genesis of the song when one of you first forms an idea, and how it transforms once it is brought to the band. Is there a particular song that had an interesting process from start to finish? One that maybe underwent quite a few changes and is almost unrecognizable from when it got introduced to the band (whether that's a good or bad thing)? I guess in my rambly roundabout way, I'm not looking for anything specific here, just a little insight into the songwriting process both individually and as a band.

Also, hope Josiah is doing well. Thoughts/prayers/good vibes are sent his way. You guys are the best, and hope you have a killer time on your tour!