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mmm? mmmh?! MmmmMMHH! MMMHHMMMHHH!!

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Hello, Mr. Sheen! I'd like to congratulate you on your amazing and prolific career that spans six decades and contains my favorite TV show, as well as two of the most incredible films ever made. Your acting in any role, big or small, is always a joy to watch. I haven't even come close to viewing your entire body of work, but I watched The Way recently and loved it.

My question to you is about writing. In an interview once, you said something about words that has stuck with me ever since. The line was:

I'm always looking for words like musical notes, that are sung, that have a rhythm and a clarity and an image all their own.

In light of that, who is the best writer, outside of TV or film, you've ever come across?

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This is why reddit is awesome. Knifes get thrown, but there's always someone waiting with band-aids.

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Some say that he's the fastest man in the world, and that he used to be The Stig in the British version (the only version) of Top Gear.

All we know is... HE'S DOING AN AMA ON THE WEEK OF SEPT 23rd!!

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Another big fan of the first four seasons! I know you that you had a book series for reference, but even then it was some damn good writing that translated immaculately to the screen thanks to Michael C Hall. Thank you for giving us those seasons.

I just have a small question. When you wrote that last scene of the season 4 finale with Harrison in it, did you have plans (even vague ones) about making Harrison a major character at one point and maybe even introducing him to Dexter's dark world?