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furiosasmother8 karma

I have a degree in creative writing and love myself a great poem. I too believe that the power of reading an impactful poem can be transformative as therapeutic.

I’m curious, did you study how different forms of poems affect people?

Is it possible that the differing forms could impact different people with different diagnoses?

Did you look into clients writing their own poetry? I could see there being a benefit to the intentionality involved in writing poetry to help distill and concentrate experiences and emotions (which is why we write poetry to begin with).

Also, was there a difference in how clients communicated their thoughts before reading the poem vs after?

Do you think the poems influenced the clients in a way where it may have been a sort of “lead”? (Think like a journalist asking a leading question....)

Thank you for you time! I’m super curious in this work!!

furiosasmother2 karma

But how do you know which poem to choose??