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Engineering data as in "Yep, I'm still floating around, but the battery is getting low. Lots of love, Voyager."

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The poor IT guys are not at fault here.

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What happened during the blackout? I mean, what really happened there! conspiracy mode online

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Can you verify with the mods please?

Because according to this ebay listing you look like a big fat phony to me.

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It used to be norm epsecially for RPGs and adventure games to have large manuals with a lot of thought and lore behind it. Little extras like maps or background stories for characters or factions.

When I was a kid, I actually spend a lot of time rereading manuals with a good background story. I fondly remember Wing Commander: The Prophecy, while not a RPG, it had an extra booklet for the history of the universe and a really big map of all the systems.

Nowadays most games only get one sheet to show how the controls work and nothing more.