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A friend of mine is doing a voice on an upcoming animated film from Warner Brothers, and in his contract he has the right of first refusal for any videogame characters based on his role.

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Yeah, once the movie comes out (later this year) and he can talk about it I'll get him to do an AMA. He was also on a Nickelodeon show for 5 years, so he's got lots of stories.

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My father was a conscientious objector who enlisted in the Army Air Corps (which later became the Air Force) and served as a weather forecaster in Italy during the war. Thank you for highlighting the work of veterans like him. He passed away 5 years ago- how many of these veterans are left?

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Why do you now charge more for deep dish pizza than regular? Why did you stop calling it "square" and "round"? Why did you get rid of the baby pan pan, by far the best option on the menu?