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I kind of get your point here. But there's something that most people don't know, many of the guys who are cartel related, are US CITIZENS, they cross the border to Mexico, kill people, steal, and just do awful shit, and they come back to the USA in a matter of hours sometimes days. I live in a border town I know that as a fact.

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How do immigrants get to service in the army or the marines? I've read of this and is kind of confusing.

thanks for your service.

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I've read about how the lack of sun triggers some chemical reactions in our brain, therefore, some people get sad or depressed. And I've felt it! My reaction (after a while) was:"Fuck this shit! I'm gonna run 5 miles", which I did and I think the endorphines being produced by a aerobic workout helped me out. Do you find any benefit on working out during this time? Because It's when my body tells me more to run and do stuff, despite the darkness and cold.

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Good luck to you to Dr!!! And excuse me about the swearing, but....It does help!