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Hi! I am currently trying to transfer from my small local college into the University of Michigan. How do you think COVID-19 will affect transfer admissions?

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I am at a in-state university with a 3.6 with around 50 credits I think I have a good shot, but I am honestly not sure.

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What does 'idt' stand for?

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Any reason you don't think I have a good shot? As far as I've read about the transfer admissions process it is about giving good reasons to transfer (in my case it's for a major that isn't offered at my school, research opportunities, wanting a bigger school in general since I am at a small one right now, etc.). As well as having a good academic record and a large number of credits (as close to 60 as possible) - I didn't do well on my first semester (2.8 gpa), but I have had a 3.8-4.0 average for the last 3 semesters, so I have a strong upward trend.

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Do you ever get recognized in public?